Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Like Gram

Grwoing up whenever we needed a gift for the crossing guard or a friend...Gram was there with the perfect something that she had made. Hankies in a thank you card the perfect baby sweater set for the friends new baby and so on over the years. Gram has since passed away but now I find I AM Gram.  My Granddaughter Elizabeth has once again put in an order for a friends baby gift.

camo booties, owl hat, sweater with owl button and a 12 point star blanket.

It is nice for a change to do little boy items but I will be more than ready to get back to pinks and fun colors after all this.
I have to admit that now I know how my Gran felt when people admired the work she did and saw the littlea gifts on the kids in our lives. Customers often send me photos from photo shoots and I love it.

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