Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July is Here

       It seems as if summer has just arrived but as I check the calendar it is July already. For crafters this is not summer vacation but time to get ready for the holidays. That seems silly but the time to make sure you have enough stock for shows and the shop orders before you get swamped with holiday orders. Being swamped would be a good thing but this year I have a plan to be prepared so I can also enjoy the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
      Long before people start searching for Christmas I need to be ready for the Halloween rush. In years past I have made a point of showing Moms just how easy it is to add a fun animal hat to a pair of sweats or a blanket sleeper for a fun costume alternative. The hat can be worn all winter and the sweats or blanket sleeper used again. Here in Wisconsin we never know what weather we will have on Halloween, a light jacket or the snow suit so these hats and costume suggestions are a good idea. No masks needed and the kids are comfy and cozy as the trick or treat of play at home long afterward.I am working on some new baby sets that will make great gifts for holidays or an upcoming baby shower.  Some of the fun animal hats will include fingerless mitts this season and I am adding to the fox items as well as those colorful owls,sock monkeys and a few surprises.

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