Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

I don't know about you, but I have seen the snow, have been cold and am ready for spring. We are into a three day stretch of sub zero days and enough is enough. On my face book page I am running a giveaway for a cute pug or sock monkey hat to make the cold weather a little more fun. Please enter and share for chances to win a hat for a little one in your life.
    The kids have had school cancelled, we are all in and if you just look out the window it is sunny, but looks can be deceiving. The wind chill is around -25 Brrrrrrrr.
     So to keep warm and busy I am baking bread, working on a few new projects and finishing up orders. Hubby will brave the cold to make a run to the Post Office and Walmart for odds and ends.
    Now, I know it cold be worse, we could be getting huge amounts of heavy, wet snow, or there could be an ice storm, so I will try not to complain but take this time to snuggle up with my yarn and enjoy the sunlight.
     Later I will put on a big pot of soup and the bread in the oven and the house will smell wonderful.
     I am trying my hand at writing out a pattern I came up with.  I can make them up and crochet them, but can I write them out so someone else can understand and follow them, that is the question. I hope so. This is my new hat, the pug, now there are pug hats out there but I did not like the faces, so I came up with my own.  How, much like when I used to paint on rocks and wood. I drew it out and then stitched it .

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My husband calls this craziness, I love it!

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