Monday, January 6, 2014

Chilly Willy

That about describes the weather here in Wisconsin.  School has been called off because of the extreme cold and will be closed again tomorrow. That means , " can I have a snack will be said about fifty times and constant chatter by two little girls. I on the other hand am busy finishing up some orders and working on my square a day for Crochet Mood Blanket 2014, on Facebook. I have also joined  square a week crochet along. I am using up all my odds and ends and will use the blankets for raffle prizes at our family Christmas next December.
Orders seem to come in spirts, the minions were hot around Halloween, just before Christmas I was busy with fox hats and now, Boston Terrier hats. One of my customers was nice enough to share this photo with me.
I am trying to work up a few new items for Valentines Day and then onto bunnies and such for spring and Easter. Luckily I can sit in front of a sunny window and try to not think just how cold it is outdoors.
To warm the kitchen this morning I treated everyone to these Donut Muffins.  The kitchen was warm and smelled wonderful. Now to get a pot of soup simmering and a loaf of bread in the oven and we should be good.

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