Wednesday, June 2, 2010


While I had time on my hands today, I came across a photo of a handmade tutu on Etsy. Adorable little pink tutu, but what came to mind next brought tears and lots of happy memories. When I was about four my Grandmother took me to balet lessons every week. We practiced doing somersaults in the grass( I never did go straight) and she taught me to skip. Both of us right down the middle of the street. I never became a ballerina but she didn't care. Many years later I walked a little grandaughter to ballet and watched as she twirled and pointed her toes to Snow Whites Whistle While You Work. She also did not become a ballerina but those walks to the park district and alone time we had would in later years be very important. Sam like many teens hit some rough patches andseemed so far away. I spent many night crying and worried for her. Yet, on Mothers Day she left me a small red box with a bracelet she had made, but best of all was a small note she left saying how she remembers all I tried to teach her and loves me for it. That is what I hope my Gram got back from me all those years, becuase she not only made bad Ballet ok she made everything OK.

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