Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning in the Shop

While I was dusting and running the vaccuum I thought I would take a video to show some of what is in the shop. I say this like I know what I was doing....NOT the case. In fact this is the first time I have used the video setting on my camera so I am hoping it works.  There are so many things in the shop that don't get listed on Etsy or on my website and so I thought I would share them this morning.
We have a saying at my house...if it stands still long enough Grandma will paint on it. That is probably true, I love to paint on old furniture, window, logs, rocks, pots and just about anything. I have tried my hand at watercolor, oils and acrylic. I find I am too rigid for watercolor I go crazy as the paint flows where ever and oils , I am in too big of a hurry to see a finished project so acrylics is my maine medium. I also do almost all my work freehand because I am a lazy painter. I do not like to take the time to trace a pattern do the basics then trace somemore. At classes I took when I worked at Michaels in Chicgo Ridge it made the instructor nuts that I would'nt trace. 
People always ask , were you trained, how did you learn to do this?  Well , I see images in wood patterns, clouds etc. crazy as it may seem that is how it started. I grew up in a house built back in 1959, our bathroom was covered in pink 6 inch plastic tiles with a sort of wavy pattern and if while taking a bubble bath you looked at them just right you could see faces, and so much more. If only you could sketch while in the tub. Gram would certainly not have allowed that LOL. The we began our camping vacations and at our stays in Savannah, Illinois, I met Jack & Jean they ran the little camp store and everyday Jack would sit behind the store and paint beautiful wildlife scenes on mirrors. Oh how I wished I had bought one back then. He made it seem so easy, the trees and deer seemed to just flow from his brush. I have yet to try that but now know that  feeling now as I turn an old ironing board ( hubby said I never knew what they were for ) into a charming Santa or a log slab into a friendly black bear.
Then in the evening I turn into my Gram, after dinner is done and we settle down I crochet the little sweaters and blankets that fill the shop. Our last 3 little ones were boys so all those cute girly sets are just for the shop. but I have a chance as my daughter is due in November and my fingers are crossed for a little girl.
Well enough for now, the shop is now open and hopefully the rain holds off and we have a busy day

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Dawn said...

Love your Name for your blog,,,I love teddy bears...How fun that you are also from WI. I am in the lower east corner and I think you are in the upper East half of the map.
Your shop is wonderful, thanks for sharing. If you need any cards to show and sell I am your girl!!!