Friday, June 25, 2010

Can't Wait for them to grow up...

Today at the shop there were two ladies with an adorable, energetic little one in tow. The young Mom kept saying I can't wait til he walks alone and can talk etc. Having been the Mom and now Grandma and Great Grandma ( I think my favorite so far ) I toatally disagree. Leave them small as long as posible. Stop pushing to have them grow up and do BIG kid things.
Some examples
Talking, while it sometimes baffles us what they want in the early stages, it sure beats, talking back, yelling and the teenage girl whine. 
Walking, yes it is so much easier on your back but then there are mobile and into everything, we are  at the climbing on furniture stage.
Right now we have two little guys at our house one and two. Both adorable in their own ways. One is a Grandma's boy and the other prefers early mornings with Papa and the morning news.
I wish there was a way to bottle that innocence and save some for later. They are amazed by birds in the tree, flowers growing or a cookie out of the oven. Grandma can still fix anything, from a boo boo on their finger to the Elmo dvd.  I see WOW in their eyes when I read the book at bedtime and know which puzzle piece goes where. Soon enough though this will come to a screeching halt and they will go to school.
Last week we had birthday cake for the little one and the look on his face as we lit the candles and he licked frosting was priceless. My little baker JJ helped make the cake and as always taste tested the icing and was on had for a piece of cake. As I watched them I thought back to the others at that age, wide eyed and innocent and hanging on my every word, maybe that is what I am afraid of losing. Will Grandma always be the smartest?  I know I thought my Gram was. Can I live up to her?  I sure hope so, I try to fill these visits with hugs, love and some fresh baked cookies and I always seem to be feeding them and wiping little faces. I know they all can't wait to grow up, I have two 15 year olds at home who are racing towards being grown up. Summer drivers Ed, part time jobs and on the horizon dating!  Very scary for me and exciting for them.Please slow down, I am not ready...  Let me savor these years as they go so quickly.....slow down!  I can remember when babies were babies until they went to school, now two year olds can work a vcr and go to preschool and learn sign language. Call me old fashioned but I want to hold on tight as long as possible.I am not afraid of getting older, it is them getting older and maybe not needing Grandma as much, that could be, but for right now I am holding on for dear life and enjoying each day and the adventure we go on together.


Anonymous said...

I do remember wishing my son would be able to talk so he could tell me what he wanted. You are so right though. He is six now and plays hockey and does karate. Now there are times when I wish he was little(r) and he would just let me hold him for hours. Guess, we can't keep them little forever. :(

Cori Benson said...

What a great reminder to slow down and appreciate today. Life goes by to fast. I read a quote somewhere that said "I don't want to wish away my child's childhood". How true is that!!

Thanks for reminding me of that!