Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Already

  Time seems to fly when the two little men in my life are gone to their Moms. Before you know it they will be back and the noise and business will fill the house. Awwww I love it. Right now though I am enjoying another cup of coffee while I ponder over my choice to give up chocolate for Lent. I usually don't give up anything but this year I decided to join in.
Chocolate is one of my downfalls and seems like a good thing to give up. So, no more in my morning creamer, or a bite when the day has gone crazy. I have a money bet with my daughter, she will lose I am sure of it!
The snow is really coming down now as I sit and watch out the dining room window.  Hubby and #1 grandson are trying to get the car unstuck from the middle of the road. No plow so far. Of course it is supposed to be almost 50 by the weekend so it will all melt. The car can't sit that long so they are out there shoveling and pushing.
This is the time of day when I need to decide what to make for dinner. Cold, snowy, the little guys back. Feels like chicken and dumplings.
This is my favorite recipe for them. The family was crazy about the dumplings. I just can't say enough about them. You need to try this one for yourself. Easy , but tastes like you slaved away all day over a hot stove. I can put it on and crochet the afternoon away while it cooks, then right before five get the dumplkings in and the family will be thrilled. Maybe if the day goes well even add a batch of Pioneer Womans dinner rolls. Another easy and delicious recipe.
The photos on Pioneer Womans sight are also amazing, you can almost smell the food! I ordered her books from Walmart online.
So, off to take a chicken out of the freezer, refill my coffee cup and get busy on some duck hats for the Etsy shop. There is a tan bunny hat on order that needs doing and I really need to stock pile for upcoming shows. Maybe I should have given up sleep for lent.
Have a great Day and try the chicken and dumplings!

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april@gingerbread girl said...

Yay Lent!! I am giving up hollaring at my kids and soda...which is like my comfort food!!! :) Good luck to us both!