Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Gramma Does What?

  That was the question that came up the other day.  My lovely granddaughter answered , she crochets, paints, bake, and writes a blog.
This is Isabella and from the look on her face you can see she is thinking....She writes a what.  Hard to believe. Everyone who knows her, knows she has no idea of where or when to use punctuation. Obviously!
Yet, she still types away and tells the world about things that go on in her little part of the world as often as she can.  Yes, to our embarassment she has learned to post photos of her loving family. Not all of them always flattering. Why?  they ask....because she can.

Sure, Gram wants you to believe we enjoy or photos plastered on here. That we somehow look forward to the constant hat fittings and photo ops. OK some of us do. In fact I wish she would send me a few more hats to try out.. Maybe something with a flower, girly yet fun!

This was my first hat, a darlign penguin number. I wore it home from the hospital.  Why does she make these hats and stuff?  Good question, he Gramma made all kinds or crocheted things and every baby came home in one of Grammas handmade things. My Mom grew up in the ponchos and sweaters and the pinafores for every occasion. I think it is a Gramma thing.
I should Thank Isabella for her wise input!  Maybe a new hat and sweater for Easter !

Now yes, I do enjoy watching them dressed in my hats and such and I now realize the pride my Gram had as off we went to school dressed in her creations. First me and my siblings, then my kids, and then my grandkids. Gram loved every stitch she did and you felt it in the warm hooded sweater or delicate christening outfit. Now, I am not nearly as talented but I keep trying in my own way.
I have found that I like to share the sometimes silly or troublesome things in my life. Maybe someone will smile, or find the answer to a problem they have. If so, I am very happy. So please in each future blog, ignore the punctuation and just read for fun. Read between the lines and enjoy.

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Letters From Home said...

Those baby pics are adorable. I love that you posted them even knowing that someday you will hear her say, "Gramma, why??!" My great-grandmother used to knit me and my sister ponchos. I loved them. Found you on the blogfrog.