Friday, April 8, 2011


  I have been married for 39 years and have 5 grown kids, who except for the littlest were always happy and healthy. After a couple years of doctors and therapy even the little came out with flying colors. We were doing ok, not rich but healthy and what I though was pretty happy. Then came along grandkids, each one a gift and also very healthy. My first Great grandson came into this world very early and had us all terrified that he would not make it. But, with so many prayers and faith, he too was healthy and growing strong. Still feeling very blessed as I hear of so many families with bigger troubles that mine. Our little Carsen was due and during the pregnancy we were told he would have Down's Syndrome so I prepared for this, prayed and asked for the strength to help him in whatever way I could. He came into the world screaming and PERFECT. God heard our prayers again. Then just last fall one of the littlest granddaughters was diagnosed with diabetes, a big blow for us all. But, with prayers and alot of work on her Moms part she is doing pretty good. So are we still blessed? Yes, we have troubles like everyone else. Money doesnt seem to ever go far enough, gas prices, utilities, the cost of groceries. All a stresser on family finances which seem to be tighter every day. But, even with my Myastenia Gravis ....we are so very blessed. I have 2 , yes 2 Moms who are in good health in their 70's , a wonderful uncle who is closing in on 80, the kids and spouses, grandkids and great grandkids. Some days it seems like an abundance. I have recently started to read The Secret and part of it says to stop each day to be grateful for what you do have. So, I sat down and put alll the I don't have aside and thought......WOW I am really blessed and I thank God evey day for giving me such a beautiful family. Not perfect, but very close.....that is of course a Grandma speaking !\
So, I will stop now for some much needed cuddle time with our little reader Carsen. No, he doesn't really wear glasses those have no lenses but he thinks he looks like Grampa . Have a great weekend!

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