Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fresh Start

Usually People make a new start as part of their New Years resolution. I didn't do that because, well, I probably would not have followed through and then I feel bad and the circle continues.  Yesterday afternoon while finishing up the Minnie Mouse outfit I watched the Nate Show and saw an episode about The Happiness Project.  I was hooked. I thought about it all evening and then first thing this morning I went to the site and joined. I am so excited. Up until now I was in the mind set that HAPPY was something that I didn't have time to worry about. But, I deserve HAPPY, I think there is where I went off track, I wish all the good things for my kids, friends and everyone but me. So, I have now been told it is not selfish to want such a simple thing as happiness for myself.  Now, to look deep inside and find out what really makes me happy. I am thinking off the top of my head cupcakes, a warm bed and good friends to share with but as this project goes on I am curious to see what direction I head in.

As for cupcakes!!!!  I am going to get an entry ready for the Jelly Belly Cupcake Contest  then I have my goals set on entering  IRON CUPCAKE Madison   Milwaukees event has gotten so big that they have now outgrown the space and until further notice done. This is really sad, but think of the exposure those bakers got .....amazing.  I am setting the bar high, those cupcakes are amazing!

For the rest of the day though I need to get some outfits done so I can get them listings up on Etsy and send out the last of the orders. It is always fun to come up with new ideas and to update or change the pattern to more suit me. Right now I have an old 60"s patyterb book with baby layettes out. A Christening gown has caught my eye. My Grandmother made each of my kids their own Christening outfit, crocheted with love and passed down to their kids. Priceless

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Shareena said...

I love cupcakes!
though I prefer to eat muffins because they make cupcakes too cute to eat! ^_^