Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Bites

Little bites like little steps are my plan of getting through the next steps in my life. While trying to follow the writing in The Secret. It all makes great sense...good thoughts attract good things, think that you deserve good things and good things will come to you. There is so much more but that is the gist of it. We attract the vibes we put out into the universe, so if you say I can't probably won't. So I am now saying I am and I can instead.. My son is a perfect example, from the time he was a small child he has thought and jokingly said "he must have been left behind by a rich family" He wanted nice things, he got them. Yes, he works hard but enjoys life and is a very generous man. I am taking a page from his book and using the tools taught in The Secret to change the course of my life NOW. It is never too late for change. I also have a grand plan... a 14 day trip to Ireland to see where some of my family came from. The farthest back a cousin has tracked is Coleraine Londonderry, Ulster Ireland.   So, I am saving my change, using my cash from recycled cans and the checks I earn from Josephines. The trip is about $2,600.00 so I have a way to go but I WILL get there.
What Is The Secret
The Secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day. Living The Secret offers tools and ideas to help you live The Secret and create the life of your dreams.
So to reward myself for all the GOOD thought I am sending out to the world I searched the internet and found a wonderful blog that contained what must be the perfect treat
Brookie Bites
First you need to bake up your brownies...

I usually use a box, just because it is so much easier (and lazier:-)

While the brownies are cooling, mix up your cookie dough.

I used this same recipe found HERE but

I used vanilla extract this time.

Bake the cookies for about 7-8 minutes.

You want them to be soft and gooey...not crispy!

Try to resist the urge to inhale said gooey cookie.

Oh what the heck!

Go ahead and eat a few:-)

Let the cookies cool slightly, then

roll them into small bite sized balls.

(definitely easier to do before they cool all the way)

Place in the freezer and wait until frozen.

It will be hard but you can do it.


yup you got it.

Place that frozen cookie in the center of a small brownie

and start smushing it all around that cookie ball.

Now here is the hardest part...

you've got to freeze them AGAIN.

I know it's torture, but well worth it in the end.

You can reward yourself by eating

some of the brownie scraps to pass the time.

Once they are frozen enough,

melt some chocolate in the microwave and dip away.

Any sprinkles on top will do,

but it is that time of year so

hearts it is ♥

I also got inspired to make up a few new hats and items for the Etsy shop .

This idea came about from the boys bag of goldfish crackers.......another good thing in a little bite! I am working on a lion and a hippo. I will get them done today and I will get them posted. The are adorable!
Have a great day ( I am sending out good vibrations)   like that 60's song....I know I WILL

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