Saturday, April 23, 2011

Todays Easter Bunny Parade

The parade went off very well, the sky clouded up a few times but that did not stop the Bunny from making his 4th annual stroll through the downtown. We gathered candy at some of the local businesses and tried not to tie up traffic too much as we crossed the highway. From little ones in their bunny or duck hats to Ladies in their Easter Bonnets. It was alot of fun. We got a kids head count of 79, a big increase from last year so we are all very happy about that. It would be nice if next year more of the businesses took a minute to join in handing out candy as the kids passed by. Maybe after hearing about the turnout and seeing the write up going in the paper they will. Thanks to B&B, Brandon, The Silver-Smith, Granite Fall, Tambears , Yahooz and The Olde Time Barber Shop for joining in. Also a huge thank you to Jean and Bob from the Garden Center and Teapot Quilt Cottage on Hwy. 22. Without them the Bunny would not have been here!

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