Friday, January 28, 2011

Grouch Day

  It is finally Friday....this week has gone so slow.  All of the orders for Green Bay Packer hats have been made and sent, bread was baked, the charter school board meeting was attended and now FRIDAY.  My husband says I   ( shoot myself in the foot ) by making plans for the day.  That may be true. Last night I had what I thought was a great plan.  Get up early, get the kids off to school and then QUICKLY get the housecleaning done and work on new hats.  Get some photos taken and posted on Etsy before the weekend.    Sounds like a do-able plan.  Not so much.
  When I woke this morning I found a grandson and friend asleep on my living room floor. They had been out late.  So much for early cleaning in there. My daughter back in bed, not much help there and one granddaughter who because she attended the school boad meeting was allowed to go into school two hours late.   The internet was not working, so no uploading pictures for the Etsy listings. ughhhh    
                                    So much for plans. 
      It is now a little past eleven now and I finally have the living room done and the internet is back up and running. Grandson and his friend are awake and now playing video the living room. The daughter who was going to be so helpful has awaken and run to town to the bank and wherever else.  Granddaughter taken to school. So much for help.
    I need a new plan, I used to think it would sound selfish to others but here goes.  I need some me time. Time to get my things done and maybe just catch my breath. I tend to take on many things and with eleven people in the house at any given time, I just need time to be me.. not Gramma, or wife, or MOM  but ME.
   After my plan going south quickly I find myself getting crabby or GROUCHY and then the whole day seems to go bad. Someone suggested I find something I like to do and set a timer and just take that time for me. The family will get along just fine on their own for that time and I will feel some accomplishment and stress released.  Right now as I am typing this three dogs are chasing around the dining room and barking, all in good fun but oh the noise. Two big boys are quietly playing video games and I have put on a second pot of coffee as a treat for myself.  I am going to get out some pattern books, take a look and find some new fun things to do before conquering the kitchen. This is against everything I was trained for. What if someone drops by and I am sitting reading patterns and my kitchen isnt clean?  Hopefully no one comes because as much as I would lik to say WHO CARES, I would be devastated. Old habits die hard and things taught as a child come back to get me every so often.  But, if I wait until everything that should be done is done, will I ever get to find a pattern of make a hat?  Good question, right now I feel like NO.  So, as I get off this computer and sneak off for coffee and pattern searching PLEASE do not come knock on my door, I would be horrified. But, I need a few minutes for me.
Have a Nice Day  from Grouochy Me


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You're right...this week has gone really slow.

I just found your blog through a Saturday blog hop. Have a great weekend!

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