Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday was for Monkeys

I had a great plan for the New Year. I would prioritize, make lists and stick to them. So far it is working out fairly well. I am making my lists and doint the items on them.  The other family members, not so much.  I am beginning to think there needs to be rewards and penalties put in place. I will ponder that later today after  get my list accomplished and have  cup of tea and watch the snow fall.
   The two little guys just left for thei four days at MOMS.  This never seems to last four days. She will calll after one or two with an excuse to bring them back early.  Tht is ok, because then I know they are cared for, happy and on some sort of schedule.

  Monday, I had a huge list. Sock Monkey hats to put on the Etsy shop and a few for Josephines in Watertown. If I can get a few of these finished, photographed and listed that would be great. I did get them done and this morning while I had coffee got them photographed and listed. That done I am off to he next project, Valentines Day ponchos, done , photographed and listed.
  With som quiet and time this afternoon I am hoping to try a new pattern and then work on my mailing list. I would love to keep past customers informed on sales and new items. Ther must be  good, free program or app out there somewhere. Any suggestions , please leave a comment or email them to me.
  One resolution was to make working from home easier and more productive.  A good mailing list would be a start.

The menu planning and new chore chart have worked out well so far. I have bread in the bead maker, chicken thawing and ....what is that ....quiet ! It won't last long before the MONKEYS (boys) are back so I will take full advatage of it.  I find myself not really minding all the extra time to pick up toys, read those books or just chase them. Mainly beacasue I know all to well, before long they will be too big and off exploring on their own. Grandma won't be needed as much and that makes me very sad!  I think my favorite job in life is Grandma, and I had a very good teacher. I grew up in a home with my Gram ,she crocheted to support herself and made sure we had love, discipline and was always just a phone call away.  If I acheive that, I would be extremely happy .

With that said I am off to get some things done and enjoy that cup of tea ....alone for now!

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