Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Could Hear a Pin Drop

  This morning the boys, went back with their Mom for her fourdays.  Yes, my house is quiet and calm......but I somehow miss them already.  Friends who have no little ones around cannot understand.  Let me see if I can explain it.

When I wake, if there isn't a small guy in my bed, I will find one already up and in the kitchen. Carsen is hungry when his eyes open.  Shark like he never stops moving.  For awhile we were afraid that this little guy would have many health issues. He was thought to have Downs Syndrome before he was born.  He is perfect.  A few months ago he gave us quite a scare with convulsions over a two day period.  I spent many hours in the ER. He now is walking, running and funny.  He now thinks if he can't see you, you can't see him! 

There he is....... This makes him laugh for hours.  

He is also the perfect size 3-4.  So, he comes running when you say I need to measure something.  He tries on hats and much to his Dads dismay....sometimes a girly cape or poncho. This morning he was kind enough to model the Little Red Riding Hood Cape for me .  I took a few photos for Etsy and Facebook and his Dad cringed when I posted them.  One day he will care but right now Carsen loves helping out.
He was the baby in my first skunk hat and now the face in the sock monkey hat.

This little face sold many a skunk hat.  He is a true little stinker!

The sock monkey is also very fitting as he is always making someone laugh.!

Now, he has a brother who at almost three is my first Great Grandson.  The spitting image of his Dad and even has his temperment. A little redhead who loves to draw and cook with me.. Some ofhis favorite movies have Elvis in and he loves football. A Packer fan in a house of Bears fans.
He cheered on the Packers Sunday in his hat!  He sometimes forgets and cheers both sides. That took a little of the tension out of the game for Grandpa.
He looks like an angry duck.  I did ask if he wanted to try it on and he said yes, because the baby was also taking photos

A Packer colored dinosaur made him fairly happy. This was going to be his Halloween costume until he found Spiderman.
The three teens and Mike, who is twelve are all good kids.  Yet  the two little guys bring a smile to my face all day long.  Yes, I am exhouseted by bedtime and I do say I wish I could at least go potty alone again. But, the secret is I LOVE having them.
Today before they left we baked bread again. Four loaves of wonderful white bread. The recipe I found at Pioneer Woman .  The  day has been quiet, with the smell of resh baked bread all around I say completely still for 3 hours making hats for orders. Heavenly , peace and quiet!

Now, dinner is in the oven. The big kids are home and my life is noisy and full. 
I don't think I would have it any other way.  I must say there is one thing I would change. I have five grandkids ( including our newest Isabella ) living near Chicago.  If they were closer this would be perfect.

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Shareena said...

you have a very cute grandkids!