Friday, January 7, 2011

MOM a really Tough Job, Gramma tougher

            I have 5 grown kids, for the most part they grew up OK.  I do think,  an owners manual should be given out at the delivery of your first child)   My oldest daughter Patrice, is referred to as our experimental model. There are those things we would all like to change, one has a tendency to get loud, one seems to fly off the handle quickly, one does NOT take a sorry ( this from the time she was born )  Did they all turn out just like I had planned?   NO, maybe because God had a plan bigger than mine, or kids just turn into their own person. I do have to say though, my son, if you ask anyone here, turned out perfect.  I agree, kind, thoughful and just an overall nice guy..  With all that said and all of them grown, I was blessed with a bunch of fun, unique grandkids. None much like their parents. Although there are moments I like to say, you look or sound like your Mom when you do that. That statement usually puts a stop to whatever they were doing. Over the years 5 of these unique individuals has lived with me, and they are so very different and nice kids. The teens for a few were a rough patch , but I think we will all come out ok at the other end of that long tunnel. What is amazing to me is my new little batch as I call them. My first grandson Joey has two boys JJ and carsen. They are a different as night and day. But, JJ is his dad throuh and through. He is a ritual kind of guy, likes his stuff in the same place, wants his blanket , favorite toys and stuff always the same. A very easy going guy. He can color or draw for hours while I crochet, he loves to bake and lick the beaters and is a cuddly little 2 year old. Carsen is funny. After a scare that he might be born with Downs Syndrome, he came to us perfect. We have had some scares with convulsions and a few trips to the ER. He seems to have a great sense of humor and the faces he makes are priceless. All this siad, they have parents who are divorced and oh what a mess. They guys as we call them stay with me, ( Dad is here full time ) four days a week. This is not  problem they seem to fit right in. Our first day i always rough because they come back tired and just off in some way. Potty training has been a bigger job because it is not consistant and makes it harder than I remember. My heart breaks each time they cry not to leave and I can't just scoop them up and bring them back into the house. My hat is off to all these divorced prents who have found a way to make this arrangement work. Right now ours is still new, with phone arguing, kids crying and I am an unhappy Gramma. I do what I can while they are with me and we make alot of happy memories for them to take to the other Grandmas house with them.
A big surprise was when on Wednesday, JJ returned talking about his friend bunny and how he needed him. I sent someone out to the car to see just what he had left behind. To my amazement it was the Velveteen bunny I had bought his Dad and saved from 18 years ago. As I type this he is curled up asleep with bunny tucked under his arm safe an sound.. I tell Joey, probably more than I need to, please thing about what they hear and how they feel. Althought they are so small, I am amazed at what comes out of the mouth of babes. Nobody is perfect , Iagree but if I can get them grown, happy and healthy. With a feeling of safety and belonging, I will be happy! It ugs at my heart when my daughter who is in the Chicago area seds photos with her phone of our newest little one Isabella, I want to just hold her and cuddle.
Today as I get some pieces done for the etsy shop, do my Flylady routine and find alot tof time to enjoy my guys, I tuck these moments awy in a special spot. THIS is what it is all about, Not stuff, but those we love happy and safe.  Have a great weekend and HUG someone!


~SHANNON~ said...

THAT must be very difficult. To not have control over their pain, and be concerned, but helpless to step in and take over.

Sending you many prayers- I can empathize with your heartache, wanting the best for babies in a difficult situation. I'm sure your reminders to the parents to watch what they say is a good thing.

Found you through Mom Loop Comment Follow:)

Marty said...

Isn't it interesting how they can all be raised with the same parents but turn out so differently? Enjoy your grandchildren=)) From mom loop=)

Rachel said...

Awww... it sounds like a lot of pain and heartache. Thank you for being a sanctuary to your grandsons! They'll appreciate you when they are older.

(from MomLoop)