Friday, January 21, 2011

Living in a House Divided

Not by politics or religion but what on this weeknd seems much bigger.  BEARS vs Packers.  Tempers will flare and voices will be raised as we watch the game at home this weekend.
Here is where the problem began. We are originally from the Chicago area. Hubby was born and raised a BEARS fan. I think football is fine, but would'nt go as far as to say I am a fan. Yes, most years BEARS fans are disappointed but occasionally , like this year they have hope. My daughters, two of who will be here for the game are BEARS fans. One insists on donning a jersey and Bears hat to work and betting her rival coworkers. The other is just a quiter hometown fan. Most of the grandkids, born in the Chicago area are BEARS fans. None very noisy about the game so far..Then, we have the three youngest, Mike who is 12 is a Packer backer since he was born. A few years back he found the Polka song The Bears Still Suck and drove hubby crazy playing it over and over gain.

                    ( he was kind enough  to model this hat for me, against everything he believes in.  the look tells it all )

JJ is almost three and will run to the tv whenever he hears football, but wants his Packers. His Christmas wish from Santa was a football. Grampa may finally have gotten a football player in the family. Carsen is following right behind.    I do think though, he is more of a cheerleader for JJ. He does not like being tackled and isn't into throwing the football around yet.


For me all this seems quite silly, but will happen in my livingroom this weekend. Hubby will yell to the BEARS, like they will hear him and take his advice. The boys will root on their favorite players and tempers will be high. I am well prepared to feed them so when one group of them loses and it will, maybe it won't hurt quite so much.

The little guys are starting already, wearing their colors and getting their friends riled up.  Their friends are the two dogs in the house, Trixie or rescued border collie and Mandy the crazy Bichon. Both seems very interested in the food , not so much football. They do enjoy chasing the ball around the living room with JJ .

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Kris said...

I love the Bears hat! yes, Bears fan here - I think I was born a Bears fan!!