Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowflakes and Hot Cocoa

            As the flakes fall outside I am warm and snug inside.  Busy working on photos for the Etsy shop and chatting with a local shop owner , Jean.  She owns a lovely Quilt shop in Montello. The Teapot Quilt Cottage, also the Garden Center. With shoppers at a minimum during the wintr we discuss plans for spring, which will be here before we know it.  Valentines Day is aso fast approaching and we exchanged ideas and talked about the projects we have under way.  These winter months are great ties to take a class to learn a new hobby or just get together and chat.  Jean offers many classes in quilting and knitting in her shop.  If you are ever in the Montello area, tis ios a must see shop. At 5050 Main Street right in Montello, just watch for the gian teapot sign and treat yourself to a visit.

             This morning I finished up a new pattern I bought on etsy for a giraffe hat. It is adorable. I can't wait to get a few more sizes done. This is one I will surely take to Watertown for Josephines. I have yellow yrn ready to start the duck hats and sweaters. The frog hat and poncho are done and a new frog prince hat. Many new items for the spring.

My new found time, after closing the shop has been great.  I am finally doing those tasks I had trouble finding time for and feel like I am getting my life back.   Long over do!  I hve made dinner and been on time, baked bread and made dinner rolls. One afternoon snuck in a short nap and no one even knew !   Soon enough I will find my niche and a new project, but for rght now I am doing ok.  I do feel the need to get permision to enjoy a day.....that too will pass I hope. Life is too short to always be chasing a dream.  I want to be living it a day at a time and enjoying the people in my life.

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