Thursday, January 13, 2011

No more fest work!

I will no longer be looking for vendors for the Fish n Fun Fest. When I arrived home this evening I found this email
We are all very thankful for the effort you have put into the Montello Fish N Fun. A number of people have expressed difficulties in communicating with you either by phone or email. Due to these continuing issues the coordinators felt the need to find someone else who is better able to fill the vendor position. We need you to please turn in any vendor information you have and money you may have collected. Please remove your name and association from anything regarding the Montello Fish and Fun.
      There have been some things going on or awhile and I saw this coming, so I was not surprised.  The city deserves and needs a good event to help the tourists find their way back.
     What does this mean for me?     Time now open to work on my projects and get ready for the spring.
Any of you who would like to be vendors at the fest, be sure to get your applications in to them.  Mothers Day weekend in Montello should be alot of fun.

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